Nadia Chin attended The London College of Fashion, also known as the London University of Arts, where she studied a Masters Degree in Fashion Design Technology.

During her studies Nadia designed one off pieces for celebrities and personal clients, and it was through this she discovered that not only was she skilled in design but she also had a gift to create an image for her clients. From this platform, Nadia became one of today’s top fashion stylists.

Her unique eye and ability to report cultural observations through stylistic stories led to creative collaborations, styling and designing and building an esteemed clientele that boasts noteworthy celebrities such as Jude Law, Kate Moss, Kanye West, Beyonce Knowels, Daniel Craig, Conor Maynard, Blu Cantrell, Estelle, Keyshia Cole, The Strypes, Lisa Mafia, and Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne among others.

Highly sought after, Nadia Continued to work through the ranks, and she was soon working with national and international TV networks like, MTV, BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and on top music events like The Brit Awards, MTV Awards, X Factor, The Voice, and The MOBOs. Magazines such as Seventeen, Volt cafe, OK, ID, Pomp, Flaunt, Tramp, Candy, Touch, and Pride also recognized Nadia’s aptitude to give each individual shoot a different story.

Nadia continues to push the boundaries, designing and styling her own brand and adding fashion illustrator and cartoon anime to her lengthy list of talents. These new skills were the perfect foundation for Nadia to set up her Fashion Company with her cousin Jada, manipulating imagery in Photoshop as well as specialising in make-up artistry and illustration.

Her Jamaican Heritage and London upbringing mixed with her current NY base and a passion to create visual phenomena and a love for the conceptual can be seen behind every Nadia Chin shoot.

"Fashion is Like A Drug"